Want to become a franchisee of Freshly Chopped?

We’ve noticed that a lot of consumers are looking for ways to eat healthier, in a convenient way. Less and less sugar and processed foods are consumed, and restaurants offer more dishes with fresh, organic ingredients from the area. Restaurants are becoming increasingly flexible when it comes to preparing tailor-made dishes, to take into account allergies, diets and healthy options. Do you want to be part of this healthy food revolution? Become a franchisee of Freshly Chopped!

I want to become a franchisee

Benefits of becoming a franchisee

  • You are part of a proven restaurant concept;
  • Alle processes and tools are available;
  • Support on opening the new store;
  • One-system approach on: supply chain management purchasing equipment construction and development support;
  • Product innovation and optimizing processes;
  • We have a growth strategy and help you optimize your sales and profit;
  • Marketing to increase your visibility.

How it works

1. Fill in the application form

We want to work together with a franchisee who shares our passion voor healthy food, has experience in the restaurant business, is great in motivating and stimulating people, has ambition to grow within a business and has access to financial resources. Fill in the application form and see if it’s a match. If it is, we will go to the next stage.

2. Let's meet

In this next stage, we will set up a meeting to discuss your interest, motivation and ambition, and introduce you in more detail to our franchise model. We will tell you all the ins-and-outs of the concept and discuss your objectives and plans as a franchisee. To see if the match is really there, on-the-job evaluation could be part of the selection process.

3. Let's talk about money

When the business plan and the location of the store will be determined and approved, you will submit your financials to review. To open a store, we ask an entry fee of 20.000 euros excl. VAT. You will pay a marketing fee of 2%, and royalties of 6% of your net sales. Once the financials are ensured, we conduct an executive interview to discuss the financial agreement and capital requirements to launch your own store. Once we have reached the agreement, the Head of Terms is sent and you have to pay a franchise fee deposit.

4. Let's start

Once the agreement is signed, you are an official franchisee of the store. We will fully assist you on opening your new store. We will provide a full training program for you and your manager, for a period of at least 4 weeks. We will help you recruit and train staff, design and construction of the site, bring you in contact with the approved suppliers and Local Store Marketing. Everything to make the start of your store a great success.

5. Let's improve

Once the store is opened, we will continuously help you to get the best out of your store, sales and profit. Due to the paid marketing and royalty fee, you will get the benefits of product innovations, local store marketing and improvement of the processes.

Application form

Want to become an franchisee of Freshly Chopped? Fill in the application form below.